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Action Steps for Covered Programs

Begin Registration

Step #1

Identify all individuals who are considered Covered Adults, including the Program Director or Event Organizer, and confirm they are listed in IRIS (as either an active employee or an active Friend-Volunteer of the University).

For those Covered Adults who are not employees, you must enter them as a Friend-Volunteer of the University in IRIS. This will ensure a personnel number is created, which is required as part of the registration process. PLEASE DO NOT ENTER THEM AS GUEST TRAVELERS.


Click here for instructions on how to enter Friends/Volunteers into IRIS.


Step #2

The Event Organizer or Program Director should complete the online Programs for Minors registration form at

All relevant event information and Covered Adults should be included as part of the registration process. Once submitted for review, the requested space for your event will be tentatively held in Ad Astra until all Covered Adults have been verified and the overall event has received approval from the Designated Official (D.O.).


  • The Program Director (or designee) must submit an online Program Registration Form at least 45 days prior to the event for HR approvals and final program approval by the Designated Official (D.O.).
  • If the sponsor of a Covered Program is not a University Unit, the Program Director shall require the sponsor to sign an indemnification form. A copy should be forwarded to the Senior Vice Chancellor of Finance & Administration and the Designated Official at However, the space approver for the area(s) to be used should enter a standard event form for Ad Astra in order to reserve the requested space.


Step #3

Each Covered Adult will be required to have a background check (BG) completed and on file with HR (Valid for 4 years) with the appropriate package type.

For those without a current or appropriate level BG check, HR will send an email with a link and instructions (from Truescreen BG check vendor) to the Covered Adult to complete and submit. The Program Director is responsible for ensuring all Covered Adults have completed this requirement.

*Please inform your covered adults that they will receive a consent form via email from (Truescreen) that must be completed in order to run the background check; these sometimes are sent to the Clutter or Junk folder.


   Step #3a

  • Each Covered Adult must complete the required training (Valid for 2 years).  

  • The required training “Child Protection Training for Covered Adults” is an online training module in K@TE, the learning management system. The Program Director is responsible for ensuring all Covered Adults have completed this requirement.
  • All training must be completed with a final score of at least 70%. To access the required training please use the link below and sign in using your NetID and password:


Step #4

Included with the K@TE training, each Covered Adult must read and sign the Mandatory Reporting Law Form, which is submitted to HR as part of the Covered Adult’s records.  Please be sure to include the personnel number when signing this form.

Also, each Covered Adult should be given a Standards of Conduct for Covered Adults handout. (If applicable, have parent/guardian complete the Medical Treatment Authorization Form to be retained by Program Director.)


Registration Complete



Once the D.O. has approved the program, the Program Director is then responsible for ensuring all Covered Adults are complying with the policy to be verified by the D.O. and UWA Audit & Compliance.